Why women like dating older men?

Men dating younger women has been going on for decades. Especially among the rich, powerful and famous men such as actors, athletes and others. The idea of a man with a younger, beautiful girl nearly half his age is nothing new. Most looked at it as women simply doing it for money, security and fame. At the same time, people figured these women dating mature men did it without really wanting to.

These days however, things have changed quite dramatically. It turns out there are countless of young women who actually want to date older men. In fact, they boast about it and flaunt them. So why is that women like dating an older man? There are several theories, opinions and factors to consider, depending on who you ask.

The first thing people think of when they see a hot, young woman in the arms of an older man is money. They look at her and figure she is a gold-digger. While that may be true in many cases, not all women do it for money . Some of the girls who date older men out of personal preference, often get lumped in the same pile with those gold diggers. When you examine the reasons further though, you come up with different conclusions.

For one, women who date an older man know there is a tactical advantage. A mature male is more likely to provide stability and security at higher levels than a younger man. He has had more time to developed and accumulate those resources which women need. In addition to this, you also have the career aspirations factor. The women of today are confident, want to move up career wise and desire to make it far in the corporate world. They look for a man who will not be threatened by their goals and aspirations. And want someone who will encourage and push her to do so. Younger males are typically intimated by women who are more successful than them.

There is also the love factor to consider. Older men tend to be more appreciative, loyal and loving than younger males. They have already experienced heartaches and life in general. Because of that, they will appreciate and take care of the woman they are with. Furthermore, older males have more experience when it comes to sex and how to satisfy a woman. For them, giving their partner complete sexual pleasure is a top priority. Young adults typically look to sexually satisfy themselves first.

Mature men don’t have time to play silly mind games. They are also inclined to be more chivalrous having the gentlemen mentality. Older men enjoy romancing their mates, candlelight dinners, flowers and doing other important things for them. His woman’s happiness is his top priority, unlike a younger male who is more self-centered. Many of the women who date older men compare it to eating fast food and gourmet meals. Younger males the former, mature men being the latter.

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