Super foods that can improve your sex life

Being physically healthy and emotionally happy is crucial to how well and long you live. It’s also key to how healthy your sex drive and sex life are. Eating the right foods can help in both of these aspects. Anyone who may be going through a down turn in their love life needs to consider the following. These super foods that can improve your sex life are a great place to start. Not only will eating them be beneficial to your health. They will also give an added boost to your libido.


One of the things which make salmon a food to eat for sexual prowess is the omega-3 fatty acids. The fish is full of them and they are healthy for your heart. Besides the salmon, you also have the halibut and tuna. All are great for giving your libido more power to work with. The arteries are constantly being blocked by plaque buildup. The pink-fleshed fish and its Omega-3 acids help prevent that accumulation.


Some have called watermelon the fruit Viagra. Since it is full of L-citrulline, eating watermelon can help you in many ways. The amino acid converts itself into L-arginine once it goes into your system. The end result is the nitric oxide production being stimulated. That is essential when it comes to increasing the blood which flows through your penis. The end result are harder and longer erections.


There are various meats you can and should consume in order to help improve your sex drive. Meats such as pork, beef and chicken are all full of nutrients and amino acids you need. They are zinc, carnitine and L-arginine. All of them help make sure the blood flowing through your penis is continuous. In some studies, L-arginine and carnitine were found to treat ED in several males.


Not only is Ginger a great name for a woman, it is also very good for your sexual prowess. Ginger has several nutrients that can help make your bedroom libido higher. The sweet and spicy plant improves the health of your arteries and aids in the blood flow.

Seeds and Nuts

Nuts and seeds contain several amino acids that can make your sex life better. They achieve this via the increase in blood flow to your penal area and other arteries. Rich in L-arginine and zinc, seeds and nuts such as almonds and cashews do the trick. You can also eat pecans, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and sunflower seeds.


Doctors have always recommended oats as a way to help improve your health. That’s because they work very well when it comes to lowering your high cholesterol levels. The latter can cause atherosclerosis which narrows and clogs your arteries. The end result is less blood flowing through your body and penis. Keep in mind that unlike the coronary blood vessels, the penal area arteries are much narrower. Because of that, they are more vulnerable to clots.

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